Advising on the structuring of an activity with a private entrepreneur

consultation_structuringWerner Law Firm advised a client on the issues of the structuring of activities with participation of persons applying the simplified taxation system and regarding the applying of the VAT in the sphere of tourist services

One of the clients of Werner Law Firm is a leading company with foreign investments working in the e-commerce sphere. The company carries out Internet trade with goods and services on the basis of agency agreements with private entrepreneurs.

Since the company’s partners as private entrepreneurs were regularly confronted with the issues of declaring the sales revenue the tax authorities were constantly trying to cast doubts on the volume of the sales revenue of private entrepreneurs and to apply the increased tax rate.

Lawyers of Werner Law Firm rendered the client detailed recommendations and explanations on the issues of interest. In order to avoid problems and complications with the tax authorities we explained how to execute correctly and properly documents with private entrepreneurs and to deal effectively with the tax authorities to forestall similar situations in the future.