Happy Lawyer’s Day!


On October 8th, the lawyers all over Ukraine celebrate their professional holiday. Every year since 1997, this day brings together legal experts from various fields of law who safeguard the rights and freedoms of the Ukrainians.

In today’s Ukrainian society, legal profession is extremely important and truly in great demand. We are currently witnessing development of the law-bound state in Ukraine, and so major hopes are centered on the community of professional lawyers who are expected to establish the supremacy of the law, improve Ukrainian legislation, strengthen legal guarantees for population protection and increase legal awareness and legal culture of the Ukrainian citizens.

It is difficult for the lawyer to always remain faithful to own calling and duty which consist in defending justice and the law. However, may your work bring you true joy of accomplishments, receive well-deserved appreciation and be rewarded with quality rest! And finally, may integrity, consistency, logic and luck be your faithful companions!

Congratulations, dear colleagues!