Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The healthcare system of Ukraine has been reformed since the 1990s. At the same time, in the opinion of experts, reforms in the medical sphere do not have systemic character, their strategy has been constantly reviewed, there are no clearly defined goals as well as a consistent policy of implementing the decisions taken.

As of today, one of the most acute problems of the medical branch is the permanent insufficiency of budget financing coupled with legal difficulties of introducing the mechanisms of attracting non-budget means for financing the activity of healthcare institutions. Considering this fact, a rather lively discussion with participation of experts and legislators takes place today on the subject of priority legislative changes which have to be implemented to ensure better material and financial basis of activity of state-owned and communal medical institutions and to stimulate the development of private and insurance medicine.

Regarding the pharmaceutical branch, it should be pointed out that the Ukrainian market of pharmaceuticals was probably the only one that demonstrated growth during the recent crisis. In particular, in 2009 its volume amounted to UAH 20 billion (more than USD 2.5 billion), which was by 31.2% more if compared to 2008. Investment analysts forecast that during the next 3-4 years this market will grow at the minimum rate of 30% a year. New important trends have also emerged, such as the reduction of import of pharmaceuticals, growth of sales and advertisement expenditures; that is the crisis has become a good stimulus for Ukrainian pharmaceutists to develop. European and global drug producers have also become more active at the Ukrainian drug market, in particular, by way of lowering prices, increasing advertising budgets, establishment of own companies for carrying out economic and commercial activities in Ukraine.

Understanding the special features of the functioning of the healthcare system and the drug market in Ukraine, lawyers of "Werner Law Firm" offer their customers the following legal services:

  • advising and legal support on the issues of obtaining permits, licenses for carrying out economic activity;
  • representation of interests of customers in relations with controlling state authorities, in particular, with the Ministry of Healthcare, the Anti-Monopoly Committee, the State Inspection for Price Control, the State Inspection for Drug Quality Control, the State Committee for Issues of Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy and its territorial unites etc.;
  • working out various types of agreements applied by medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies in their economic activities, including the foreign economic ones;
  • advising and legal support of establishment and reorganization of companies;
  • representation of interests in relation to resolution of disputes by judicial and administrative procedures.