Information Technologies

Over the last several years the Ukrainian IT market has been characterized by rapid growth of quantitative and qualitative indicators. As of today, the general yearly volume of the Ukrainian IT market amounts to USD 2-3 billion.

In the opinion of the World Economic Forum major factors that exert positive influence on the IT development in Ukraine are a high degree of involvement of population in getting higher education, relative simplicity and speed of concluding commercial agreements, high quality of mathematical education and satisfactorily quality of general educational system.

Apart from that about 23 thousand certified IT specialists work in Ukraine and according to this criteria Ukraine takes the forth place in the world behind the USA (about 200 thousand), India (150 thousand) and Russia (70 thousand).

At the same time the IT market in Ukraine is characterized by certain imbalance with regard to the expenditures on information technologies. In particular, hardware accounts for about 80% of expenditures with services and off-the-shelf software for only 10% each. Such indicators speak for high potential of the market development, specifically with regard to services and software.

The team of specialists of "Werner Law Firm" deeply understands the problems and current tasks that face IT market participants in Ukraine and is ready to offer the following high quality legal services:

  • the working out of the set of agreements used by IT companies in economic activity, in particular, supply agreements, services agreements, franchising agreements (commercial concession contracts), commissioning agreements, license agreements, labour agreements (including labour contracts and collective bargaining agreements) etc.;
  • advising on the issues of taxation of transactions with software as intellectual property;
  • registration of software and web sites as intellectual property objects;
  • representation of interests of IT companies in court in the course of consideration of cases of violation of intellectual property rights;
  • establishment of IT companies and associations of IT producers.