Law of Foreign Economic Activity

Processes of globalization and international economic integration contribute to the entering by national companies of external markets, the deepening and broadening of business contacts and cooperation between domestic and international companies.

Legislative regulation of external economic activity is closely and immediately connected to the international private law. When performing external economic activities, in particular, when concluding contracts, it is of an utmost importance to receive professional legal recommendations regarding the correct determination of jurisdiction and applicable law and the proper formulation of the respective contractual provisions.

"Werner Law Firm"  offers the following services in the sphere of law of external economic activity:

  • advising on the issues of structuring transactions in the sphere of foreign economic activity, preparation and legal support in concluding agreements in the sphere of foreign economic activity;
  • advising with regard to the choosing of appropriate jurisdiction and applicable law in relation to concluding agreements in the sphere of foreign economic activity;
  • advising on legal issues relating to the WTO;
  • advising on the issues of protection of investments;
  • advising on the legal aspects of performing international e-trade (e-commerce);
  • advising on the issues of law of foreign states with involvement of partners from respective jurisdictions;
  • advising on the issues of the state export control:
    • advising as well as preparing of applications for registration of legal enteties and physical persons at the State Service of Export Control of Ukraine as as subjects of international transfers of goods;
    • advising on obtaining permit (conclusion) for the export / import of goods, international transfer of which is subject to the export control, as well as the preparing of the related documents.

Completed projects

The project on investment registration

One of the largest German manufacturers of agricultural equipment carrying out development of its activities on Ukrainian market decided to invest in Ukraine. This intention has arisen in connection with the need for securing its tax advantages and legal protection of its business.  To prevent the problems that may occur in the process of project implementation German company addressed the Law Firm "Werner and Partners". After purchasing an investment property some difficulties occurred regarding a new Customs Code that came into force on 1 June 2012.  Some discrepancy between the general practice of state bodies and the new requirements of the customs legislation became the consequence of new Customs Code adoption.

Thus, in the triangle "customs - tax - government,"  the bodies being engaged in the process of registering the investment, new schemes regarding the new mechanisms of cooperation within the framework of the revised law has been made yet.

Our lawyers have been carried out a full legal support in all phases of the project. They worked out and offered a lot of different ways to implement this project, taking into consideration the changed circumstances and new demands of modern law, as well as they prepared the necessary documentation.

Efforts of the lawyers of the International firm “Werner and Partners” have resulted in appropriate and effective completion of the international investment registration.

Preparing and testing complex foreign supply contracts for the German company operating in the retail e-commerce (in Russian)

По заказу немецкой компании, работающей в сфере розничной электронной торговли, нами был подготовлен комплекс внешнеэкономических договоров с американскими, западноевропейскими и китайскими поставщиками товаров.

Также нашими юристами был проведен тщательный анализ действующих договоров на предмет наличия юридических рисков и предложены рекомендации по их устранению.

Advising and legally supporting conclusion of a set of external economic agreements

In the framework of providing legal support to a project of industrial production and delivery of machinery for a German producer of agricultural machines we developed a legal model with involvement of off-shore jurisdictions and prepared a respective set of external economic contracts of delivery.