Anatoliy Khostikoyev, Theatre Company "Benyuk and Khostikoyev"

Theatre Company "Benyuk and Khostikoyev", represented by Werner Law Firm, has experienced legal adviser in the conduct of Theatre Company`s business, inter alia in the field of protection of intellectual property rights. Any issues are resolved quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Theatre Company "Benyuk and Khostikoyev" would like to express to Werner Law Firm deep gratitude for quality legal support of Theatre Company.

National artist of Ukraine
Anatoliy Khostikoyev

Andrii Denysenko, Director Duvelsdorf Ukraine, LLC

Duvelsdorf Ukraine has been cooperated with Werner Law Firm since starting business in Ukraine.

Due to qualified legal support of our business between Werner Law Firm and Duvelsdorf Ukraine has been formed confidential relationship.

Duvelsdorf Ukraine ensured on its own experience that Werner Law Firm is highly professional team of lawyers.

We appreciate the individual approach in dealing with any matter which Duvelsdorf Ukraine applies to Werner Law Firm.

Duvelsdorf Ukraine considers Werner Law Firm as a reliable provider of legal services by reason of understandable and clear approach of doing business and is looking forward to having an effective cooperation for a long time.


Andrii Denysenko

Duvelsdorf Ukraine, LLC 

Oleg Kiselivskiy, Director General Kaeser Kompressoren, LLC

Kaeser Kompressoren, LLC. has made use of the services of "Werner Law Firm" International Law Firm for over two years.

For the whole period of our cooperation we could appreciate the quality of the rendered services in the sphere of the commercial law and dispute resolution and the high level of professionalism and coordination of work of "Werner Law Firm" team of lawyers.

"Werner Law Firm" lawyers prepared and proposed us efficient and professional solutions of legal issues related to our business.

We are always ready to instruct "Werner Law Firm" with the most complicated issues and sure that the legal safety of our business is in good hands of professionals.

We recommend "Werner Law Firm" International Law Firm as a reliable and professional partner.


Oleg Kiselivskiy

Director General

Kaeser Kompressoren, LLC