Transportation, Telecommunications and Logistics

Ukraine’s automobile, air, railway and sea transportation systems belong to the most developed ones in Europe. Further development of the Ukrainian transportation system is fostered by an extremely beneficial geographical position of Ukraine, which enables Ukraine to use its transit potential for transporting passengers and goods.

Despite the adverse impact of the global financial and economic crisis the telecommunications market of Ukraine has demonstrated rather good trends. Mobile services in 3G standard have been introduced, mobile Internet coverage area has expanded and preparation of Ukrtelecom for privatization is underway.

Considering substantial transit capacities of Ukraine due to its geographic situation, and meeting the needs of optimization of expenditures of managing material flows by domestic and international companies, logistics has achieved rather substantial progress in its development.  Not least of all such development has become possible owning to the entering in the Ukrainian market of leading global and European logistics companies, which have brought the newest commercial experience and high technologies. As a consequence, Ukrainian and international companies working in Ukraine have the possibility to make use of logistics services which meet European and world quality standards.

Lawyers of "Werner Law Firm" deeply understand the particular features of the functioning of the transportation system of Ukraine and the markets of telecommunications and logistics services and offer the following legal services:

  • complex legal support of activity of transportation, telecommunications and logistics companies, their establishment and reorganization;
  • advising and legal support in relation to obtaining permits and licenses needed for performing economic activity;
  • drafting the set of economic agreements, in particular, contracts of services, license and franchising agreements, labour contracts and contracting agreements;
  • representation of interests in relations with state authorities;
  • advising on the issues of optimization of taxation of economic transactions of transportation, telecommunications and logistics companies;
  • acquisition of corporate rights and assets of transportation, telecommunications and logistics companies;
  • representation of a customer’s interests in relation to resolution of disputes by judicial and administrative procedures.